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Innovative approach to generate next generation of antibody-based therapeutics

For over 25 years, several FDA-approved monoclonal antibody-based therapeutics have been used to treat serious medical conditions including cancer, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. In the case of cancers, present generation of antibodies are routinely used in combination with chemotherapeutics to treat patients. While this approach has provided some clinical benefit, many first generation antibodies are ineffective or lack sufficient activity to be considered for patient use.

ImmunGene is engineering the next generation of monoclonal antibodies called CmAbs, with spatial and temporal immune modulation to provide improved efficacy and safety for the treatment of cancer, inflammation and other autoimmune diseases. Our technology empowers antibodies by fusing them to immune effector molecule(s) e.g. cytokine, chemokine and costimulatory molecule(s), thereby combining the specificity of antibodies with the potent anti-tumor effects of immune effector molecule.

ImmunGene is leveraging promising science and robust capabilities in antibody engineering to develop new methods for treating serious diseases that affect tens of millions of people worldwide. We are striving to take antibody-based therapies to a new and more effective level.

In preclinical studies ImmunGene’s empowered antibodies have demonstrated superior efficacy and safety profile, validating the therapeutic utility of this technology. ImmunGene believes that antibody fusions with selected chemokines and cytokines based on the current scientific understanding, represents a unique opportunity to create a stream of important new biotherapeutics with greater efficacy and safety compared to existing biotherapeutics.