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​​​​​​​​About Us

ImmunGene is leveraging promising science and robust capabilities in antibody engineering to develop new therapeutics with improved efficacy and safety to treat cancer and other serious diseases. With a primary focus on safe and effective treatments for cancer, ImmunGene's proprietary technology empowers antibodies by genetically fusing them to tumor cell-killing cytokines, thereby combining the exquisite specificity of antibodies with the potent cytotoxic effects of cytokines. Antibody-fusion proteins are designed to be inactive at the therapeutic doses, but stable in the bloodstream while efficiently targeting and killing cancer cells. This approach will likely reduce many known toxic effects of systemically administered cytokines while greatly enhancing the anti-tumor activity of antibodies. Our competitive advantage is based on building several important anti-tumor properties into one molecule that is genetically engineered and recombinantly produced by industry standard mammalian cells.

Our leadership has deep experience in the development of therapeutic antibodies, protein engineering, manufacturing of biologics, business development, and has been successful in major biotech and biopharmaceutical companies such as Amgen, Genentech, Merck, Baxter, Astra Zeneca.